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Paychest is a global marketing company that licenses non-polluting technologies for development and commercialization. 

Flushaway® is a unique range of feminine hygiene products manufactured in a patented process that makes our products flushable, biodegradable and dispersible under the most stringent environmental standards.

    We have an exclusive manufacturing license to patents, trademarks, manufacturing and select marketing rights to our range of products. 

   Our products have previously been sold under the Flushaway® brand in the United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

     Flushaway® is being developed to deliver biodegradable diapers for babies, and a product for adult incontinence protection.

      The market size of womens sanitary products that Flushaway® targets is estimated at
$9 billion; $6.5 billion sanitary pads and $2.5 billion 

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