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Paychest is a global marketing company that licenses non-polluting technologies for development and commercialization.


Paychest has an exclusive manufacturing license to patents, trademarks, manufacturing and select marketing rights to Flushaway® that allows us to exclusively market in many countries.

Flushaway® is a unique range of feminine hygiene products manufactured in a patented process that makes our products flushable, biodegradable and dispersible under the most stringent environmental standards.

Flushaway® technology is used in our range of women's sanitary products. 

Flushaway® is being developed for a range of biodegradable babies' diapers and biodegradable adult incontinence products.

Retailer and consumer product acceptance has already been demonstrated, by Consolidated Ecoprogress Technology (CET), who sold
Flushaway® sanitary products in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

On the retail shelf, Flushaway® sanitary products are cost competitive to majors in the industry, delivering more features for the same price. 

The target market size for our sanitary products is an estimated $9 billion with the sanitary napkins (pads) market at $6.5 billion and the pantiliner market at $2.5 billion.

Since licensing Flushaway® a new patent and sanitary products design was adopted reducing Cost of Goods, increasing margins, and providing better returns. Tests and trials following these improvements had teething troubles but the end results were successful.

Product samples have been manufactured and distributed.

Product branding has been improved and commercial production started.

The Company has received its first purchase order with a gross value of US $1.2 million.
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  1 Discovery Bay Road
  Discovery Bay
  Hong Kong SAR
  PR China

  8105 Birch Bay Square
  Suite 205
  WA 98230

  President: Peter Coorey

  Directors:  Colin Lu (Guang)
  Peter Coorey

  Tom Hands USA 302-724-6944
      from overseas: +1-302-724-6944
                Canada 416-619-5242
      from overseas: +1-416-619-5242

  Transfer Online, Inc.™
  512 SE Salmon Street
  Portland, OR 97214
  T: 503.227.2950
  F: 503.227.6874


  • New President and Board appointed in Sept 2010
  • Filings and disclosure project started. Legal issue addressed.
  • DTC stock certificate audit complete.
  • Appointed Transfer Online, an SEC regulated transfer agent.
  • Arranged funding for production and marketing.
  • Addressed judgments filed against the Company when under prior management.
  • Improved reporting and disclosure on OTC Markets to Current 


  • Price competitive with majors in the industry
  • New production processes reduced cost of goods delivering improved margins
  • New utility patent registered with Patent Co-operation Treaty for international protection
  • Established manufacturing arrangements in China; growing the manufacturing capacity, considerably reducing production costs and improving product quality.
  • Received Environment Canada’s highly acclaimed eco-labelling certification and  environmental product award
  • Independent flush ability test completed 
  • Independent dispersion test completed 
  • Independent biodegradability test completed under American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM D5988-03). Test requires biodegradable milestone is achieved in 180 days. Flushaway achieved the milestone in 70 days. Traditional product does not biodegrade and plastic is estimated to remain in landfill for 200 years or more.
  • Sales of Flushaway® previously achieved in major US stores and other countries by CET.
  • Samples have been produced and distributed.
  • Flushaway has completed FDA registration
  • A strategic supplier purchased select equipment for Flushaway production.
  • Pilot production for Flushaway started.
  • Commerical production started
  • New brand added (Mibella)
  • First purchase order received for US $1.2 million of Mibella product
  Other OTC: PYCT.PK

  Issued & Outstanding:
                27, 685, 264, 936
                     as of October 16, 2014

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